About us

We are a cbo based in Tana River County, North Coast of Kenya. We believe that we are alive to serve and that we are blessed to bless. We believe in serving the almighty God, through serving our fellow human beings.

We serve people from any religion, ethnic background or social status.
The serves the underprivileged elderly people in the villages among different tribes, by periodically giving them foods and medical care, The cbo serves the destitute orphans especially those being taken care off by the grand parents, we pay school fees for them, by school uniforms and provide foods to their homes,

The cbo serves terminally people especially the elderly and the children by getting them medical aid.The cbo coordinates mentor-ship programs for the youths especiallythose in primary and secondary schools and colleges.

We serve the needy girls child with sanitary towels and play advocacy for the girls who have suffered FGM (female genital mutilation) and victims of early forced marriages and sexual offenses.

The cbo facilitate agricultural symposiums to help the community learn modern and better farming methods. The cbo facilitates peace seminars for different tribes to emphasize the importance of harmonious coexistence.

After more than 10 years of cross cultural mission work in kenya and beyond, I envisioned founding ALIVE TO SERVE organization to enable many people from different faiths and social status and professional backgrounds to get a platform to serve the needs of fellow human beings.

Holistic Community tranformation
  • Leadership Training
  • Youth Mentorship programes
  • Community Development Projects
  • Peace Building and Conflict resolution